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Funfetti Whoopie Pies

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These are probably one of the funnest cookies I’ve ever had the chance to make. I mean look at them. They obviously just scream fun. I feel as though there is a “funfetti-craze” going on right now. I’m pretty certain that every time I turn to Pinterest or some other food-type website I see the “funfetti effect” used in some way, shape or form. Many of these recipes involve cake mix (funfetti cake mix to be exact). Other recipes just involve sprinkles (or jimmies) to get that “funfetti effect.” I obviously like to make things more difficult on myself, so I decided to skip the cake mix and just use sprinkles. I’m not upset about this. These cookies turned out absolutely delish, and the vanilla bean filling turned out even better. These sugar cookies are soft, gooey and the perfect platform for making whoopie pies. We paired them with a super fun and delicious brew and the combination just has me wanting more and more….and more. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I run a lot.








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Two very important tidbits of information:

1. Sugar cookies can be finicky. It takes hard work and determination (and a little bit of patience) to get them to the exact consistency of your liking. Personally, I like sugar cookies all ways, but I especially love them when they are soft and gooey. Soft and gooey isn’t usually what you want to go for when you plan on dressing them up with frosting over the holidays, but for the whoopie pie, I think it’s completely appropriate to go the soft and gooey route. It’s important to let this dough chill before you bake them. If you don’t, they will most certainly ooze and flatten out. For this recipe, you don’t want that! Let them chill for AT LEAST an hour (longer if you can). In this case, the longer you let them chill, the better. Trust me.

2. Another important step to focus on when trying to get that soft and gooey consistency, is to make sure you watch as they bake. If you go one minute too long, then they will turn golden and hard (not that this is bad…just not what we want for this recipe). My cookies took about 10 minutes. Some ovens may require less time…some ovens will require more time. . It just depends really. Watch them carefully. You want them to just start to set up. It’s ok if they are still gooey in the center. Once they start to cool, they will harden slightly. You don’t want them to harden TOO much. Is this confusing? I think this is confusing, but just go with it.

Let’s go through this again:

Cold Dough = Good
Warm Dough = Bad

Gooey Centers = Good
Golden Edges = Bad

Got it? Ok…

Who doesn’t absolutely love a chocolate stout? There should be an obvious answer to this question. I mean I even know a couple of people who hate beer (I still don’t know how this is possible), but still love a really great chocolate stout. Since the cooler months are upon on us; and since I’ve been insane about pairing foods with IPAs lately, I’ve decided to go a different route. Besides, an IPA would be not-so-great with this recipe. Let’s be honest. Stouts are so great with desserts, and they are often great IN desserts too. Bison Brewing’s Chocolate Stout is the perfect dessert beer in my opinion. Also, it’s organic…so win times 2. It’s chocolatey, with hints of coffee, and it’s SUPER smooth. I think we lose smoothness with stouts these days (unless it’s tapped on Nitro), but this beer does not lack in the smooth department. Oh, I know, there is no chocolate in this recipe, but who cares. I certainly don’t. The two still pair extremely well. Also, try pairing this beer with barbecue and your heavier fall and wintertime dishes. It’s just … yum.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!







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