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Garlicky Goat Cheese Grits

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, grits have to be one of the most amazing dishes on the planet. I love them all ways, especially when they are mixed with a ton of cheese! This particular recipe just happens to be vegetarian (I know … it doesn’t happen very often) and packed with goat cheese and garlicky goodness. I’m all about the alliteration today. Can you tell? Grits are easy and quick. They are the perfect meal when you are on a budget, and they are even more perfect when they are topped with garlicky grilled shrimp (Hey, there’s that alliteration again! I’m on a roll!) They are perfect for any meal of the day, but I particularly enjoy them for brunch topped with a sunny side-up egg. It’s been a crazy week guys. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. My mom was here for a visit and we had a spectacular time. She heads back East tomorrow, and so begins the catching up on everything I’m so far behind on! I hate catching up, so I apologize for my grumpiness in the next few days. ;)






Beer Love:

Beer: Old Dominion’s Double D IPA
Brewed By: Old Dominion
Style: American Double / Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.00%
IBUs: 90
Description: I love this double IPA. I haven’t met a whole lot of double IPAs that I haven’t liked, but this one stands above the rest. It’s hoppy yes, but it’s also robust in fruity flavors. I just love an ale like this for this time of year. I really wanted something super duper hoppy for this pairing. Grits, garlic and cheese go very well with IPAs, making this pairing just perfect. If you are feeling extra ambitious, try cooking the grits in a little bit of IPA. It works guys. I promise you, it works.

I hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo








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12 Responses

  1. Ohhh, grits. With garlic and goat cheese – sounds amazing. Can we still be friends if I tell you that I’ve never had grits? I know!! How about I come over right now and have you make me a big old bowl of your version??

    1. Haha, thank you so much Kathi! I always look forward to your comments. They are some of the funnest ever. It’s totally ok if you’ve never had grits, but I can promise you that you will LOVE them. You are more than welcome to hop on an airplane, and I’ll whip you up a big bowl asap! xoxo

  2. I often forget how delicious grits are, but this recipe has just reminded me! I love how creamy and cheesy those grits look and that beautiful egg on top has my mouth watering! Pinning this beautiful comfort food!

    1. You can use either/or. Sometimes it’s harder to find cornmeal labeled as “grits” here in CO (unless it’s labeled as “instant grits”), but you can essentially use either one. Just follow the instructions on the package’s label if you are using a cornmeal labeled as “grits.” I normally go with stone-ground or coarse-ground cornmeal.

  3. Goat cheese, grits, and eggs! What a brilliant combination! I want to try this for breakfast ASAP. Thanks, Justine!

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