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Iowa CornQuest 2015 – Davenport, Iowa

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Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

Iowa CornQuest 2015 – Davenport, IA

This post is sponsored by Iowa Corn. All opinions expressed are my own.

One of the things I love most about being a food blogger is the travel aspect of things. While food is my number one passion, whenever I can go on a trip that revolves around food and where it comes from, I jump right on board. I have been extremely blessed this past year. From Portland, Oregon to the gulf of Florida, from frolicking around southern Colorado to a recent trip to Iowa, I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities that blogging has granted me. At the end of October, I had the chance to visit Iowa. On this trip, a few of my fellow food blogger friends and I got to spend time with some of the most humble and amazing people on the planet: Iowa farmers and all who support them. We learned and experienced so much, and had quite a bit of fun also! This was truly a memorable trip, and I’m so happy I get to share my experiences with you!

Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

A farmhouse on one of the Iowa Corn farm properties we visited. I was kind of obsessed with this house.Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

Here are some of our amazing hosts and the lovely bloggers also attending Iowa CornQuest 2015:

Kristen, Becky, Isabel, Mandy, Jenny, Anetta, Michelle, Connie, Katerina, and Myself.
Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

On our first night in Davenport, Iowa, we visited the Mississippi River Distilling Company. You guys already know about my obsession with beer, so it should come as no surprise that I am also obsessed with distilleries. Here we learned about all of the amazingness that is distilling. From bourbon to gin to vodka, this distillery does it all. We were treated to cocktails and a DELISH dinner inspired completely of corn.

Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

Above: an absolutely addiciting creamy corn soup.Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

Our second day in Iowa was all about the farming aspect of things. In the AM, we learned all about the GMO process and how it affects Iowa Corn growers and their farms. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past decade, you know all about GMOs and labeling and the controversy behind it. I think the biggest issue surrounding GMOs is not being educated on the topic. While I can see both sides on this political issue, the Iowa Corn Grower’s Association really put things into perspective and I will always be grateful of their knowledge. What I found to be most interesting about the corn grown in Iowa, is that only 1% of it is actually sweet corn consumed by humans. Most of it is used for things such as feed, ethanol and more. What is even more interesting, is that most of the time GMOs aren’t even used in sweet corn. For more information about corn, the use of GMOs and how feed corn is used, check out the links at the end of this post.

Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

Feed corn at its finest.
Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

A beautiful barn mural in the heart of Iowa farm country.

Our last evening in Iowa was by far my favorite. An Iowa farmer and his family hosted us at their home. They were the most wonderful and adoring people I had ever met. They treated us to smoked meats, delicious wine and the best home cooked side dishes. I have been to some amazing restaurants in my time and traveled to far off places for a great meal, but there is just something so wonderful about someone’s hospitality that no service at any restaurant can match.

Iowa CornQuest 2015 - Davenport, Iowa

A big thanks to The Iowa Corn Grower’s Association for an amazing experience and for treating us just like family!

If you would like more information on Iowa Corn, GMOs, or just food integrity in general, check out the links below!

Best Food Facts

GMO Answers

Center for Food Integrity

Food Safety News


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  1. What a interesting and informative event for all. Someday when I have my own blog, that will be something I too would do enjoy.At 54 I learn something new everyday. Always enjoy (even though wish I were there too), reading about the foodie and bloggie adventures! How fun!

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