BBQ Bacon and Leek Pizza

Few things go better together than beer and pizza. After all, rarely do you go to your local pizza shop and order yourself a glass of fine wine. There is something about the greasy nature of most pizzas and the sweet, airy feel of beer that just go hand in hand. However, if you venture beyond just your standard pepperoni pizza and delve into the unknown world of specialty pizzas, you will find that there is a not only an infinite number of possible pizza toppings, but also an equal number of beer pairings.

For today’s recipe we bring you a BBQ Bacon and Leek pizza. Don’t be shy; bacon and leeks go together just as well as beer and pizza, especially when you cook the leeks in the bacon fat! And, we decided to go beyond your standard marinara sauce here and do a sweet and tangy bbq sauce. BBQ sauce is one of those things that many of us just pick up off of our grocery store’s shelves without evening thinking about it. We hope that after making sweet habanero bbq sauce your eyes will open to the simplicity of making bbq sauce at home, as well as the flavor profile that you can build in the sauce with ingredients that you most likely already have sitting around the house. The sweet habanero bbq sauce brings just the right amount of heat to the pizza while the honey provides a sweet touch that keeps you wanting more.

Again, most any beer can go with pizza. But, the bbq bacon and leek pizza is not just your everyday pizza. For that, please refrain from pairing it with your everyday beer. For this pizza we chose to pair it with 90 Shilling from Odell Brewing Company. This ale has its roots in the tradition of Scottish ales and is by far one of our favorites in this category. 90 Shilling has just a touch of bitterness but brings a large malty punch that helps tone down the spice from the habaneros. Pick one up today to enjoy with your bbq bacon and leek pizza!

Strips of crispy bacon!

BBQ Bacon and Leek Pizza

BBQ sauce is simmering away