Jersey Meets California in this Foolproof Club Sandwich w/ Chipotle Aioli

Sometimes you just crave a sandwich. We eat a lot of sandwiches, and if your name is Zach, then you like to make meat and cheese only sandwiches…and roll them up. I know, he just gets stranger and stranger as the days roll on. I literally have to keep a stockpile of muenster cheese and hard salami in the fridge at all times. Anyway, we go through a lot of these items and decided to go all out today. I originally wanted to make these sandwiches with the bread I made the other day, but oops, I definitely ate it all. We found a great substitution though. This sandwich recipe takes your expectations and sends them to the moon. It has pretty much everything you can imagine on it. We decided to bring the West coast to the East coast in this recipe, even though we don’t live on either coast. We both once did though and that’s what makes the sandwich so special.

What’s so great about this sandwich is that it brings New Jersey (me) and California (Zach) together. This just kind of happened as I was making the sandwich. Not only do you have the avocados and tomatoes from California, but you have the eggs and tomatoes from New Jersey. Yes you can get great tomatoes from both states. I grew up in good old New Jersey and Zach lived in California for about 5 years, so now you can see why this sandwich is so special!

NJ meets CA in this Club!

What I think sends this sandwich to a new level is the chipotle aioli. Beware, this sandwich is spicy and that’s because of this aioli. Zach made it, which is why it was even a little spicier than originally planned. Not that I mind because the spicier the better. We used 4 chipotles to 1 cup of mayo plus an additional tablespoon of chipotle chili powder. This can be toned down of course, or toned up if you’re feeling crazy! I mean it is Friday, right? Is that weird? This is how Zach and I splurge on Friday nights…through our chipotle use…NO, we are really not that boring. Just add or subtract your desired amount of chipotles and be on with your day =).

Oh and I apologize if the recipe itself may be a bit confusing. I seriously got confused writing them out! There is really no wrong way to assemble the sandwich. I assembled it the way I did for the pretty factor. In the end it all tastes the same, so assemble anyway you’d like!

Beware: the aioli is spicy.

We couldn’t think of a better brew to pair this with other than Mikkeller’s Barrel-Aged Chipotle Porter. Perhaps you remember it? Zach did a blog post on it a couple of months ago. We love crazy beers. We especially love chili beers, and if your name is Justine, then you are currently obsessed with chili beers. Anyway, I don’t think I have to go on and on about how great this brew matches up with our sandwich. If you are still confused, than chipotle aioli + chipotle porter = chipotle heaven. Mikkeller is a great one. Everything about Mikkeller is great in my mind, and if I ever make it to Denmark, their brewery will be my first stop. You can get them just about anywhere now so I’m sure you’ll be able to find this brew.

This sandwich may be difficult to eat since it is about a mile high, but it’s scrumptious and perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. We hope everyone has a great weekend! Tomorrow we are making tostadas topped with a delicious sauce, avocado, sweet potato and chicken that we can’t wait to share with you!

Don’t be afraid of this sandwich’s height =)