Sweet Potato Chili

I’ve never been a huge chili fan. Maybe it’s because that it’s just never prepared the way I like. Zach, however, is a HUGE chili fan, and in our attempt to eat less meat we decided to try to tackle a vegetarian chili. I know. It sounds strange. How can you even begin to make chili taste good without the meat factor? I think the key to this recipe was to get as many different textures as possible, so that you don’t miss the meat. I think we accomplished that in this recipe, and I was insanely pleased at how it came out! We also ended up with a ton of the stuff, so it’s a good thing we liked it because I’m pretty sure we will be eating it for the next 5 days! Now begins the task of finding ways to incorporate it into other dishes. Chili mac anyone?



…with sweet potatoes!

How about 10 tons of chili mac, because that’s just about how much we have left over. I can not for the life of me figure out how to reduce portion sizes for just the two of us! It’s hard when the standard can of beans is 15.5 ounces! I guess I could transfer over to dried beans…but that just means more work in the end, and who wants that? It is a healthier option however. Maybe I should think about this.

Ok, thought about it…still too much work…

Canned beans go a long, long way!

Make some chili mac with the leftovers!

I think the sweet potatoes are the key in this recipe, which is why I named it as such: Sweet Potato Chili. You need something meaty to replace the meat. Sweet potatoes are robust, thick and flavorful. They are certainly the key component in this chili. I also think that to serve this chili over pasta is one of the best ways to go. Just a little bit. Don’t go overboard. We chose to serve this chili over couscous because it is lighter and you can manage your amount more accurately. Besides, they are so freaking cute don’t you think!?

In the end, I think that the garnishes really make or break your chili. You can’t have a homemade chili without garnishes, and the more of them you have, the better. I’m one of those “pile all of the garnishes on top so you don’t even see the chili anymore” type of chili “eater.” The more cheese, avocado, tortilla chips, and sour cream the better. When you are serving this to a group of people, they are also going to find this one of the most important parts, so make sure you have a lot of garnishes prepared for your guests!

Another component that makes or breaks your chili is the bread you serve with it! Cornbread is honestly the only way to go. The other day we made fabulous pumpkin corn muffins, that actually inspired us to make the chili. Try this recipe out. It’s the perfect “soaking up” corn muffin. Try the honey butter too. It’s absolutely marvelous, and it literally means you combining two ingredients that I’m sure you have in your fridge. So no excuses!

Pair with some cornbread!

Garnishes are very important!

We decided to go with a pale ale for this beer pairing. We want some “hoppiness,” but we didn’t want it to be out of control so a pale ale was the way to go. We are kind of obsessed with Big Sky here lately. We bought a 12-pack because it was on sale, and we just can’t stop drinking the stuff. Their Scape Goat Pale Ale is marvelous and the perfect addition to this chili. Try it out!

Well we are looking forward to more snow this weekend. According to Zach (my live-in weather man), 10 years ago this weekend, this area saw a HUGE snow storm. We are hoping that history decides to repeat itself. Even though I am totally looking forward to warmer days, I don’t mind a snowy weekend to kick of the spring. Hopefully we will be trapped indoors with a ton of leftover chili to enjoy! Besides, Cilantro loves the snow. I’m pretty sure he would be happy to see some more =).

Pair with a pale ale!