Blackberry Lemonade


Yup, blackberry lemonade…just because. Zach and I are obsessed with lemonades and juices. We stock up when they go on sale, and even then, they are gone within just a couple of days. I truly think the Simply Lemonades are some of the best on the planet. Because they are so fresh, they have a very short shelf life…which I am totally ok with because they don’t last very long in our fridge anyway. The only problem is that it gets expensive having to constantly buy Simply juices. I decided to try and tackle my own lemonade today, and boy did it go above and beyond my expectations. I know that squeezing lemons can be a super tedious task, but it’s really a great stress reliever…unless of course you have a juicer then…lucky you! Anyway, if you are like us, and don’t have a juicer, then squeezing them by hand is one option. I do suggest buying some kind of lemon squeezer. You will be glad you did. I promise you this. ANYWAY, we went the blackberry route since they looked delicious and CHEAP at the farmer’s market. Oh, and anything with blackberry is just scrumptious.







I know that the 4th of July holiday weekend is coming to a very quick end, but summer is most certainly not. Actually, it’s only just begun! The summer season = lemonade season…let’s just be honest with ourselves. It’s such a cool and refreshing beverage that can be great for a picnic. This batch will make about 6-8 glasses (depending on how much you drink). If your Zach then one batch will equal one serving. =)

Oh, and serve it in a mason jar because it’s the only way to properly serve lemonade.

I’m leaving it at that today. It’s going to be a crazy afternoon of cooking and baking and now it’s certainly time to get back to work. I hope everyone had a great weekend!