Peanut Butter & Chocolate Stuffed Krispie Treats


Oh and there’s some caramel (and maybe some sea salt) involved too, but I decided to stop there. For a split second, I though about maybe, possibly dipping them in a chocolate/peanut butter mixture, but that may have been taking it a bit too far. They are sweet…just a tad sweet (no, I’m kidding…they are OUT OF CONTROL sweet), but they are little bites of heaven. Rice Krispie treats are fun…like really fun. What’s even more fun about them is all the different things you can do with them! You can stuff them. You can drizzle chocolate all over them. You can mix them with sprinkles or funfetti. Oh and who doesn’t love a Rice Krispie treat. I don’t know anyone. Do you? Even ZACH likes them, and he hates marshmallows! Weird…I know. His weirdness continues to weird me out =). Just kidding. He knows I’m kidding. Right Zach??? Anyway, this recipe is easy and worth every second it takes to let them set. Trust me. They even pair well with a beer…like a really super special beer!!





Well we are heading out on a little overnight backpacking trip Thursday into Friday, but I couldn’t just leave without posting a super fun recipe before we go. I thought this one was perfect. These little morsels may just be coming along for the hike. We will see. It could be a disaster. I can just imagine…chocolate and marshmallow melting all over my gear. That would be a sad day for sure. I may just try it out anyway. There a ton of different routes you can take with this recipe. You can stuff them with just about anything you please. Chocolate is most definitely necessary though. Get creative!

Chocolate was the only answer for this beer pairing and Rogue makes a great one with their Chocolate Stout. It is a perfect dessert beer and pairs well with almost anything sweet. It’s also great IN desserts. Go ahead give it a try in your next cake batter! It’s malty and chocolatey in that special bittersweet way. It’s also not too hard to find a bottle, so no excuses!

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone! I will see you on Saturday =).