Grilled Sweet Potato Salad


I’ve got another picnic recipe for you today! Hey! I forewarned you that I was in a picnic mood. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. I promise I’ll bake something this weekend. I promise. It’s supposed to rain anyway, and if there’s anything that helps in getting rid of those rainy day blues, it’s anything sweet and baked. Any-who, I wanted to do something special with the delicious cider I received from Tieton Cider Works. I was so in love with their Yakima Dry-Hopped Cider, that I knew I had to cook with it. This is the dish I came up with. This salad is perfect for a picnic. It’s perfect served warm, at room temperature or chilled…AND…it’s great anytime of day. This salad contains sweet potatoes that have been grilled to perfection, and then topped with bacon and pickled onions. The vinaigrette is made from the cider and the match couldn’t be more perfect. Recipe is below, along with some thoughts on this DELISH cider, so read ahead!







Cider Love:
Cider: Tieton Cider Works’ Yakima Dry-Hopped Cider
Cidery: Tieton Cider Works
Style: Cider
ABV: 6.9%
Description: If you are a beer lover, who rarely goes over to the “cider-side,” this cider is for you. I mean, I feel like the “dry-hopped” aspect of this cider, should give it away. I’ve never had a cider like this before. I love anything dry: wine, beer, cider … you name it. This cider is a lovely blend of sweet and slight bitter notes. It’s just great…so great in fact that I am distraught that it’s all gone. I hate it when that happens! I added it to the vinaigrette in this sweet potato salad (and it was AMAZING), and decided to pair with it as well. It gives the salad the perfect little kick, and it also enhances the spiciness from the jalapeƱo. It’s great all around, so give it a go!








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