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Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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Well it’s the weekend, and we were craving something super sweet and breakfast(y). We haven’t done a true breakfast in a while, so what the heck. We combined all of our favorite ingredients into one scrumptious pancake. These buttermilk pancakes are stuffed with bananas, walnuts and dark chocolate chips, and it’s everything you could imagine and more. I am currently experiencing a food coma since I totally of course ate too much, and I totally of course did not run today. Walking Cilantro around the neighborhood certainly doesn’t count. Who the heck cares, it’s Saturday and hockey is back! Time to splurge!

Pancakes are super easy, but besides eggs and the occasional french toast recipe I whip up, I’m not super amazing at making fabulous breakfasts: this includes, but is not limited to stacks of pancakes. That’s why this recipe caught me totally by surprise. These little round, fluffy disks came out perfectly! I had no idea I was capable of such amazing work! Really though, they are so easy. As long as you get the right temperature going on your stovetop, they are pretty full proof. If you crank that heat up to high, then you get a burnt pancake, but a slimy center (I have been known to make this mistake…shhh).

Naked Pancakes.

Let’s be honest, these pancakes are heavy. The fact that I added a maple mascarpone cream into the mix doesn’t help either. Zach won’t even eat the cream. He doesn’t believe “cheese” and breakfast pancakes should go together. I know right!? I totally agree. I feel like they BELONG together, but I think everything belongs with cheese because life without cheese would be a very very sad one. You would not hurt my feelings if you were to skip the mascarpone cream and just stick with syrup, I understand the complexity of the situation.

All loaded up!

That being said, you can also skip the extra chocolate chips, the extra banana slices and the confectioners sugar as a garnish. I personally think they are just adorable and delicious, so the more sweet involved the better, but I understand if you don’t want to be confined to your bed all day because you can’t move because you ate too much sugar (after your sugar rush of course). For some reason, I didn’t get that sugar rush today despite the amount of sugar in these bad boys. I went straight for the food coma. Strange, I know.

Yes, you can indeed pair pancakes with a beer.

Sweet Goodness.

I know what everyone is thinking, “please don’t tell me she’s going to pair this with a beer.” Well everyone, yes, I did indeed pair this with a beer. It’s not like we ate these at 8 in the morning (which would totally still be ok…if it’s the weekend). We had them at 1pm. This is a totally ok time to have a beer with breakfast! Hey, it’s the first day of hockey! Anything goes!

Last night, Zach brought home Odell’s Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout. This is a newer brew and I’ve heard of it, but never actually had it. I’ve been wanting to though, so when Zach came home with it last night, I almost fell over with excitement. I could hardly contain myself. I couldn’t wait to try it, and once I did, it was everything I hoped for and more. It literally tastes like chocolate milk and a stout got together and got married. Now do you understand why it goes so well with a sweeter pancake!? You should! It’s the perfect marriage! It’s actually a heavier beer in alcohol content, so don’t go drinking 12 of them in the middle of the day, but just one is great with this meal. Give it a shot and don’t judge it till you try it.

And if by chance drinking beer with this dish scares the heck out of you, a glass of chocolate milk or OJ will do just fine. =)

If you’re missing that savory with this dish, throw in some bacon!

I understand if some of you are missing that savory component in this dish. If this is the case, throw some bacon crumbles on top (homemade of course). It will add just that touch of saltiness that you require.

We hope you guys try this journey into heavenly sweetness and we hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!




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