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Butternut Squash Gratin

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Gratins and I are a match made in heaven. Anything that is covered with creamy, cheesy goodness and baked to a crisp is a winner in my book. This is exactly what this recipe entails. I wanted to do something a little bit different than your ordinary potato gratin. I thought that butternut squash would work perfectly. Boy, did it work perfectly. This dish is everything you crave in a warming Thanksgiving Day side dish. It is packed full of all those wonderful Autumn flavors. It’s also surprisingly easy to whip up and can even be made (without baking it) in advance. Anything that can be made in advance is a winner in my book, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving Day festivities. We paired this butternut squash gratin with one of the best pale ales I’ve had in a really long time. This is a dish that I am sure will please just about anyone. Enjoy!



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Weather: It’s cool, but gorgeous…as usual =).

What am I doing: I am currently hanging out with my mom, and getting ready to enjoy the day. We went for a beautiful run this morning, and the views are just spectacular. There is just something about that front range that melts my heart every time I take a peek at it. It’s so nice living so close to such beauty.

Recipe Fun Facts:

I think the most important thing to know about making this recipe, is to make sure your sauce is thick. The first time I made it, the sauce was much too thin. You definitely want some substance to it. If you find the sauce to be too thin even after you let it simmer, either let it simmer for a couple more minutes, or sprinkle in some more flour. The choice is yours. I prefer a thicker sauce, but if you wish for thinner, than go for it!

This recipe (up until the baking stage) is perfect when it’s made ahead of time. You can prepare the entire thing, cover and refrigerate it for a couple of hours before baking it off. I feel that you really get that perfect consistency when you go this route.

Beer Love:We had yet to go down the Crooked Stave route…until just a couple of days ago that is. Wow, do they produce a solid brew. The first one on our list was their American Pale Ale: Hop Savant. I’m being completely honest when I say this is one of the best pale ales I’ve ever had. It’s truly outstanding and it pairs EXTREMELY well with this gratin. I feel like you need some general substance to a beer in order to pair it with this gratin. It compliments that subtle hint of white wine in the gratin. It’s a great pairing and a great beer all together. Give it a try!

Enjoy your day!






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