Buffalo Chicken Tacos with Spicy Rice and Beans

I was craving wings, like your traditional buffalo wing, but we didn’t want to go through the hassle of frying them up. I also wanted to eat something somewhat on the healthy side, and wings would be going a bit overboard. I’ve seen many recipes for a buffalo chicken taco, but never really took any consideration into making them until last night. I did things my own way though. By dredging tiny cubes of chicken breast in flour and cayenne and pan frying them, you get that true buffalo wingy taste. Then by topping them with all of the delicious goodness you get when you eat a buffalo wing: celery, bleu cheese, and avocado; my oh my oh my. And of course there’s that whole putting it in a corn taco shell thing! Oh my god, these were amazing, yet light enough where I wasn’t so full I wanted to go straight to bed after eating them. I ate three of them, and literally had to stop myself. I’m pretty sure Zach enjoyed them too =). We paired them with a delicious side dish of rice and beans that Zach cooked up, and you will be able to find at the end of this post. These are such a “healthy” alternative to your traditional buffalo wing! Enjoy!

With spicy food comes spicy beer, at least that’s what I was craving with my spicy buffalo chicken tacos, and we had the perfect beer in stock: Ska Brewing’s Mole Stout. One of my favorite beers of all time is New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole from their Lips of Faith Series, but I decided to go a different route and try a different chile beer. Ska Brewing’s version is to die for and was the perfect compliment this dish. It’s rich and creamy and just pours out aromas of all kinds! Cinnamon and spice and everything nice. The perfect compliment to the perfect dish! I definitely recommend trying it out. It may be different for some folks, but I think most of you will be pleasantly surprised. =)

Ska Brewing’s Mole Stout – In a Can!

Tacos and Rice!

Have fun!


Buffalo Sauce!

Chicken Cubes!

Floured Chicken Mixture!

Bleu Cheese


Buffalo Chicken

Add the Celery!

Add Avocado and Done!

Tacos and Rice and Beans!

Tacos and Rice and Beans!